Hello PTA Members,

We are reaching out to see if anyone would like to volunteer to be this year’s Invention Convention Lead.  The Invention Convention is scheduled to take place during our Leadership Day on June 1st.

Last year we had to cancel the Invention Convention because we were unable to find a parent volunteer to lead this project.  Hopefully, we will not have to do the same this year.

This is a program in which the kids “invent” something and then present their inventions to our guests on Leadership Day.  The parent volunteer will work in a team alongside some of our teacher volunteers.  The responsibility involves helping the kids through the invention process which means meeting with them once a week during their lunch period for a few weeks leading up to June 1st.

Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in being this year’s Invention Convention Lead.  We will need a Lead volunteer by March 1st in order to be able to move forward with this year’s program.

If you are interested (even if you just want to know more before making a decision), please fill out the email form below. PTA and our kids thank you!


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