Reidy Creek’s Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for this week:

Thursday, October 20th and Friday, October 21st

The Parent-Teacher Conferences are a 20 minute face-to-face meeting to discuss your student’s academic, social-emotional, and behavior progress in school. The purpose of the conference is for sharing important information between the parent and the teacher to support the student’s school success.

If you aren’t sure what you can do besides showing up on time, here are some great tips that were shared at the last Parent University:

  1. Prepare yourself. Talk to your student about how he or she is doing in school.
  2. Review your student’s progress in school. Student works samples and grades on assignments/tests/quizzes are usually sent home by teachers in the Coyote Connection envelopes.
  3. Use the EUSD Parent-Teacher Conference Notes Form to write down things that may otherwise be forgotten. On the form (included in this informational flyer), write down the following:
    • Questions to ask the teacher during the conference (by topic).
    • Information to share with the teacher that might impact your student’s school performance.
  4. Ask questions. What to ask:
    • What can my student to to support his/her progress in school?
    • How can I best assist my student’s learning at home?
    • What is the best way for me to communicate with you during this school year?
  5. Maintain a two-way communication with your student’s teacher. There are multiple ways to do this:
    • email (preferred)
    • hand written notes
    • phone messages
    • regular meetings (by appointment only).


These five simple tips will help you make sure that you and your child’s teacher get the most out of the Parent-Teacher conference.

Note: Don’t forget that parent-teacher conferences for older students (fourth and fifth grade) are student-led. That means you need to bring student with you!

Click here to view and print the complete flyer with the EUSD Notes form (spanish translation included).


These tips brought to you by Parent University. 



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