Invention Convention advisory sessions start next week.

Reidy Creek Inventors

Advisory Sessions are at the MPR during lunch break.
Bring your journal and pencils. (Habit #1: Be Proactive)

Week 1: Habit #2 “Begin with the end in Mind”
January 27 (Tuesday) – Inventors will brainstorm and come up with problems they find that needs solutions.

Week 2: Habit #3 “Put First Things First”
February 3 (Tuesday) – Inventors must have already picked a problem from their list. This session will be used to help them come up with solutions.

Week 3: Habit #4 “Think Win Win”
February 10 (Tuesday) – Inventors must have a solution to their problem by now. This session will be used to help them with the design of their prototype or product.

Week 4: Habit #5 “Seek First to Understand….. Then to be Understood”
February 18 (Wednesday) – This session will be used to create their display board. We will help you write:

  • Statement of the Problem
  • Description
  • Statement of Solution
  • Diagram (if no photos)

Other Important Dates:
February 23 (Monday) – Need to submit the Display Board ONLY.
February 24 and 25 (Tuesday and Wednesday)– Judging Days. Bring your product or prototype on the day you are assigned to present your invention.

Winners will be announced at the end of judging day.

February 26 (Thursday) – Parents will be able to view the inventions during school hours. All grade levels will follow a schedule for viewing hours.

February 27 (Friday) Awards ceremony. All display boards and prototypes must go home with students.


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