And The Winners Are In!

Our first Invention Convention was amazing!  We had a total of 38 entries from 1st through 5th grades.  With so many fantastic presentations and creative inventions, it was extremely difficult for our wonderful volunteer judges.  We’d like to thank our judges for taking time out of their busy days in the fields of science, engineering, and education to help us with our event.  They were:

  • Dann the Crazy Inventor
  • Larry Wetmore of Cymer
  • Joan Gardner, President of EUSD School Board
  • Linda Woods, Clerk and Member of EUSD School Board
  • Keith Nuthall, Principal of EUHSD’s Del Lago Academy
  • Tony Gonzales of Cymer
  • Anthony Roner of AECOM
  • Amey Abhyankar of Broadcom
  • James McKnight of Cymer

Without further ado, the winners of the Reidy Creek PTA Invention Convention are:

First grade:

1st – Ethan McDonald (Chaffin) – Peanut Butter Scooper
2nd – Logan Hinojosa (Chaffin) – Eye Glasses Finder
3rd (tie) – Cooper Kellerman (Chaffin) – Nail In
3rd (tie) – Aidan Heath (Chaffin) – Dragon Catcher

Second grade:

1st – Evan Tillyer (Swan) – Easy Step
2nd – Ian Buchanan (Farthing) – Grape Gun
3rd – Toireasa O’Rourke (Swan) – Pig Pen

Third Grade:

1st – Emma Briceno (Schoon) – Betsy’s New Dog Leash
2nd – Kylee Burgo (W. Threatt)- Lunch Board Box
3rd (tie) – Sofia Espinosa (W. Threatt) – Non-Killing Gopher trap
3rd (tie) – Troy Vining (Cavanaugh) – The Amazing Chicken Feeder

Fourth Grade :

1st – Calexis Mabalot (S. Threatt) – Saving Unused Dispenser Soap (SUDS)
2nd – Kora Fonseca (McCann) – On-The-Go Baby Changing Station
3rd – Ben Hale (Wright) – Laptop Holder

Fifth grade:

1st – Kelsey Melott (Brame) – The K-cup Twister
2nd – Kyle McDonald (Putnam) – The Cup Holster
3rd – Matthew Tillyer (Grossmann) – Cool Quarters

Congratulations to our winners!  Come see all the great inventions tomorrow during school until 1pm in the MPR.  And come congratulate our winners and see the cool prizes they’ve won when we recognize them at Friday’s morning assembly.

Finally, a big thank you to all the volunteers and school staff who helped make this such a success!


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