PTA General Meeting Tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 15th.

Our January PTA meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 15th at 6:30pm in the MPR. As always, babysitting with pizza and snacks will be available.

Please try to attend if you can. We will be electing our nominating committee which is the first step in making sure our PTA and its programs will continue into the next school year. Without a president, secretary and treasurer for next year, our PTA and all the important programs we provide will cease to exist. This year’s president, secretary and treasurer will not be up for re-election, so we need your help in filling these and many other positions on our board.

Come join us and learn about the exciting programs we have remaining for the year, as well as getting your questions answered. We’d like to extend a special invitation to our teachers to join us and perhaps help us recruit more parents to help run the PTA next year.

Please find our meeting agenda below:

  • Call to order
  • Approve October 16th meeting minutes
  • President’s welcome and updates
  • Principal’s Update
  • Teacher Representative’s Update
  • Budget committee: Report of the budget committee with revised fund-raising
    and programs numbers.
  • Invention Convention: Report on preliminary plans and expenses for Invention
  • Reflections: Report on reflections participation and planned awards and
    associated expenses.
  • Yearbook: Report of the yearbook committee on cover and essay contests.
  • Board Members: Elect Nominating committee for next school year, open board member positions, and when PTA elections will be held.
  • New Business
  • Meeting Adjourned

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