Thanks to our volunteers, our 2012 FunRun fundraiser was a huge success!

Thanks to the following volunteers, our 2012 FunRun fundraiser went off very smoothly and was a huge hit with students, parents, and our Reidy Creek staff.  We’d like to thank the following volunteers for all their hardwork, because without you, none of this would have been possible.  Be sure to join us at our PTA meeting tonight at 6:30pm at the school MPR for a short presentation of the highlights and results of the FunRun.

Thank you to:

Marie Millot
Valerie Millot
Lisa Eshelman
Jennifer Foote
Kathi Gayheart
Michie LaRue
Becky Melott
Joshua Gallegos
Zanette Horton
Jade Crowell
Susan Elkins
Holly Black
Deborah Gagle
Donna Bargman
Brian O’Rourke
Mirna ?
Nancy Beale
Karen Fleming
Mona Cantu
Nancy Latulippe
Cindy Spear
Holly Grncerevski
Robbin Hoeffliger
Ryan Miller
Janice Welsch
Kermit McGovern
Monique Buchanan
Kelli Hranek
Melisaa ?
Jeff Navaretto
Sofia Rodriguez
Alba Aquilar
Jessica Presling
JoAnn Briceno
Susan Collins
Barbara Haines
Kristen Tillyer
Lisa Roner
Lisa Smith
Cheryl Donaldson
Michelle Machado
Nicole Zizzo
Cheyenne Killmer
Jason McDonald
Angge McDonald
Denise Mitchel
Christel O’Rourke
And of course! All our RC Teachers and Staff for support, help and love!
(Truly apologize if I left anyone out or spelled their names wrong!) 
The PTA Thanks you for all your support in our 2012 Coyote FunRun!! We could not have done it without you!!

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