A big thank you to our Kinder Social volunteers and families!

Our kinder social was a great success! Everything went very smoothly thanks to our wonderful volunteers and school staff! A big thank you to our Kinder Social chair, Tiffany Robey, and our kinder teachers, Alisa Cordova, Michael Tillyer, Sarah Escalona, and Laurie Wilson! In addition, the PTA would like to thank our cafeteria manager and other staff: Cindi Lehman, Jerry Addis, Kelly Frankfather and Diana Campa for all their help. We had many parent and student volunteers that we’d like to thank as well: Angge and Kyle McDonald, Robbin and Eryn Hoeffliger, Nancy Evans, Brenda Blackson, Melissa Brame, Cindy Spears, Wendy and Trevor Anderson, Lisa Roner, Christel, Christopher and Toiresa O’Rourke, Becky and Elizabeth Melott, Denise Mitchell, and Deborah Gagle.

We hope all the attendees had an enjoyable time and found it to be a valuable experience. We again want to welcome you to the Reidy Creek family, and hope to see you all at our first PTA meeting, August 28th at 6:30pm in the MPR.


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