Staff App. at Reidy Creek Update

Gift Card Count:  30
Gift cards still needed:  170

Hello,  Reidy Creek Parents!

Here are a couple of updates on our Reidy Creek Staff Appreciation Week next week, April 23- 27.  Our theme is “A Great Staff is Our Good Fortune” and will follow a Chinese theme (food, decorations, etc).

A flyer is going home this week in the Coyote Connection with things for your child to do next week for their teachers and support staff.  Our luncheon is Thursday,  April 26 and we will begin decorating next week. The luncheon will have food from Pick Up Stix but we wanted parents to help wth the dessert bar that day. This keeps PTA costs down and is a nice personal touch.  Leftover desserts will be put out Friday as an added treat.

If you’d like to bring dessert, please go to    or use  the link below to sign up (or email me and I’ll sign you up!).  We can also use help that day for setup  and cleanup.  Here is the link:

As always, thank you for your support and for making a difference!

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