Staff Appreciation Week is coming!

Hello Reidy Creek Parents,

We are less than 4 weeks away from Staff Appreciation at Reidy Creek (April 22 – 26). We are scaling back the week this year due to the fact that we have been celebrating our staff every other month with an activity. This seems to boast morale all year long and has been warmly received. We also feel the economy is such that it may be difficult to match what has been done in years past, and our volunteers are very taxed (no pun intended!) this time of year.

We will still do a catered lunch on Thursday, April 26 for the entire staff and are asking parents to contribute to the dessert bar that day. Also, instead of gift baskets this year, we are asking for contributions of gift cards for our staff. These will be displayed on our gift card tree with the donor’s name, and the staff will get to choose gift cards that they want. We’d like $10 or $15 cards but will take any cards that our wonderful parents will donate. We’d like 3 cards per staff member so that is a total of more than 200 cards we need to collect.

If you have an unused gift card somewhere at home or you know of a company that will donate cards, please let us know.

Thanks to those of you who have already donated the above gift cards for our Reidy Creek Staff Appreciation gift card tree! If you have not yet done so, we have put a locked metal box behind Susie’s desk at the front office for you to deposit your donations after Spring Break. We check it each school day afternoon. Remember our deadline is April 25th!

Please be sure to use/fill out one of the envelopes provided with the box so that your child/chidren’s names can go on our tree with the donation. Also, if it isn’t indicated on the card, please let us know the denomination of the card. Thanks so much for your support and for helping celebrate our great staff! And feel free to pass this onto to other Reidy Creek parents!

Have a Great Spring Break!!


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