The Reidy Creek Spelling Olympics were a great success!

Congratulations Reidy Creek Coyotes!  237 students achieved a perfect 100% score on their Spelling Olympics “tests”, which is a Reidy Creek Record, and many others came very close.  So far, the PTA has collected $4,788 in pledges towards our goal of $6,000.  This money goes a long way toward paying for the annual costs of the popular Accelerated Reader program that the PTA funds.

The winning classrooms, with the most amount of gold medals, are as follows:

Kinder       = Mrs. Wilson’s class
1st Grade = Mrs. Brown’s class
2nd Grade = Ms. Farthing’s class
3rd Grade = Ms. Cavanaugh’s and Mrs. Murphy’s classes (tied)
4th Grade = Mrs. S. Threatt’s class
And for 5th grade, all the classrooms tied each other!

These classes will celebrate their success with a popcorn party!  Thank you to all the students, teachers and parents for making this a wonderful success, we couldn’t have done it without YOU!  And also, a special thank you to all the volunteers who helped collect and check tests throughout that Friday.  The money raised will greatly benefit our Reidy Creek Students!


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