New Box Tops Collection!

Hi Reidy Creek Families~ we have already collected over $550 in Box Tops!

Collecting them is a Win-Win for our school. Box Tops are on so many products families already purchase and each one brought to school is an additional ten cents!

We will be doing another class competition from January 25-Feb 23. Have your child bring in the Box Tops and add them to the jar in their classroom or the office.  Please cut them out and be sure they are not expired. No need to glue them on to paper just put them in a little bag or envelope.

Thank you Reidy Creek Families!

A big thanks to everyone who came out to Surf Brothers Teriyaki and YogurtLand last night to support our school!  And another thank you also to our wonderful Coyote staff readers who read for our little shoppers at Barnes and Noble!  To the amazing Little Helpers from Mrs.Leathers’ class and Mrs.Putnam’s class:  Great job gift-wrapping everything, Thank You!

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels